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In an industry that is often confusing, at Roundhall we pride ourselves on providing a transparent service with no hidden agendas. We understand that all our clients have two major concerns:

  • Staff safety
  • Legislative compliance

In order to satisfy requirements in both these areas we work with each customer as part of their team and provide support and fire consultancy at whatever level is required. This can include client support from the early stages of estate reviews and stock validation, to ongoing collaboration in  maintenance planning, production of management policies and the provision of  fire risk assessments.

We specialise in providing organisations with large numbers of properties consistent fire risk assessments which are presented in a way that allows the client to have ongoing control of highlighted areas of concern. Our client base ranges from national retail chains to social housing groups and all areas of the care industry.

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Fire Risk Assessments


Think your in house team are doing a good job on their own?

We’re sure your right.

But why not give them the tools to do the job more consistently in a fraction of the time?

We can supply, training, software and hardware !!

At Roundhall we feel that we combine the best personnel with the most advanced systems to produce client information that should satisfy the most demanding compliance managers. The results of the assessment are presented in two separate formats.

The Paper Document

The standard paper document is presented in a simple to read format which satisfies all requirements within current legislation and has never been brought in to question after numerous site visits by the fire and rescue service. The document includes:

– Front cover site photograph

– Tailored templates to include specific staff information

– Traffic light warning of individual task and overall risk levels

– Inclusion of all questions considered within the production of the document

– Clearly presented significant findings

– A simple easy to read action plan

– Supporting graphics as evidence

– Individual branded report formats

– Sign off sheets

Online Task Portal

The paper document produced is really a by-product of all the information that the assessor loads in to the system at the time of the assessment. This information is then available to the client via an easy to use interface. In order to access the information fully, all sites and tasks are broken down in to numerous areas, categories and priority ratings. This allows a client to complete a search for eg.

– High Priority / Training Issues / North West

– All priorities / Fire extinguishers / National

Not only does the interface allow for the client to see the tasks on the system it also allows for:

– Closing down completed tasks

– Re assigning tasks to different teams

– Automatic email notification of due/ overdue status

– Web based portal so no software to install

– Immediate implementation



Dependent on your requirements we have a number of ways in which we can assist in the management of your fire compliance, with programmes from 1 to 5 years. All of which would begin with contract implementation to ensure that we tailor our paperwork and systems to your specific company requirements.


  • Establish sites to be audited
  • Upload to include area and responsibility assignment
  • Agree time scales and booking procedures
  • Complete site visits
  • Ongoing contract reviews

Initial contract implementation requires that we visit all sites in order to establish a base level to work from. Going forward visits are scheduled based on government guidance and individual assessment. These can be completed by ourselves or often your own in house staff.

Compliance Library

Check out our compliance library

What we don’t do.

  • We don’t manage all customers the same.
  • We don’t produce tick box fire risk assessments.
  • We don’t simply provide paper documents / pdfs.
  • We don’t have any agenda as to sell fire systems.

What we do.

  • We do try to understand every client’s individuality.
  • We do provide interactive data management of highlighted tasks.
  • We are independent and base our assessments and current guidance.
  • We do provide ongoing support and advice.
  • We complete a full client audit prior to contract implementation.
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