Our Approach


We approach all of our assessments in the same manner and with the same two goals in mind.

Ensure that the assessment is suitable and sufficient

Provide well thought out and achievable action plans for the client

Our work falls in to 4 areas one of which is bound to include you:

Single Site Operation

We can provide a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment, anywhere in the UK at a competitive price.

We are fire risk assessment company, and are not in the business of trying to sell, signage, fire extinguishers or training.

Any recommendations made will be based on our assessors knowledge of what is required to ensure a suitable level of compliance.

Multi-site operation 2 - 20

Where groups require fire risk assessments across a number of sites we can provide support in developing an appropriate assessment and tailored reporting to provide individual and group wide action plans

This allows for a better over view of the operation and access to tasks in a digitally downloadable format.

With a quick turn around and industry leading SLAs we can guarantee satisfaction in both the product and the level of service.

Multi-Site Project 20 +

When larger groups feel that it is time to readdress their current fire risk assessment arrangements we feel that the full benefits of our services can be highlighted.

With modern mobile platforms and instant accessibility we can give access to leading compliance software which allows for manipulation and updating of task data with 100% search ability at all levels.

No more orphaned data sitting on a pdf, you can extract it to your compliance management system or leave it where it is and manage it from there. There are no end to the options available which can range from fully managed compliance contracts to the provision of training and hardware to your current team to bring them in to the 21st century.

Roll these in to project planned cycles with pre-set annual savings and everyone is guaranteed to be happy.

All of our work starts with an initial enquiry.

Business to Business

If you are already under pressure to deliver fire risk assessments to your client we are always there to help.

With a national team of highly experienced assessors we are happy to complete assessments on your behalf and represent your company in the same professional manner we approach all of our business activities.

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